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Guitar Nap

Guitar Nap with 2 hz isochronic tones

First Class Power Nap - 30 minute flight on an Airbus 320 with passengers

Please fasten your seat belts and prepare for a first-class power nap, with this amazing interior white noise from an Airbus 320-319 on a 30-minute flight.

Nap with enhanced White Noise

This premium white noise is enhanced with isochronic tones set at 2 hz for a deep and restful sleep. Headphones off and turn it up a little, for the perfect power nap.

Nap like Goldilocks

Power Naps works, just ask Goldilocks. After she broke into the house, she power napped. So why not use the famous story for quick nap.

Disco Nap - 40 minute Isochronic enhanced deep sleep 108 OM nap track

Disco Nap - 40 minute Isochronic enhanced deep sleep nap track is designed and composed using 2hz isochronic tones and the chanting of OM 108 times to quickly put you into a deep sleep and leave you feeling refreshed and ready to go. We can't promise it will work for everyone, but for people who isochronic tones work, then this is a sure-fire way to get a good power nap. Make sure you do not drive or do anything that needs your attention while listening to this track. It is intended to put you asleep.

Welcome to your personal Power Nap podcast

Power Naps have been proven to help you get the rest and energy you need and get back on track. In as little as 20 minutes, the Power Nap podcast can help get you in and out of sleep quickly - easily and (best of all) naturally. Our unique isochronic tones have been shown to help people easily enter a sleep state and bring you back to being fully awake , refreshed and ready to take on the rest of your day. So forget the coffee and Redbull ,take a power nap podcast instead. We have power naps in a variety of lengths and formats to help everyone find their perfect power nap.

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